Saturday, April 05, 2008

Welcome one and all!!!

I installed a little Feedjit gadget to my blog recently after seeing one on Tina D.'s website. Curious I guess, wanting to know how people get here, and if anyone came!
WELL!!!! I had NO idea! I've seen places listed that warmed my heart, some that surprised me even! Today I started with a new counter, just for fun. Why not?

Welcome to all of you! I hope your visit is worth it, I don't blog very often, but I try. Thanks to those who link to me, that was really nice to see to "arrived from..." but even the "left via ..." were great to spot, nice to know people are following some links I thought were worth a mention!!!

Following on the Freebie theme from last time here's another one I forgot about Whatever . . .Whenever

Here's Artella's Free Treasure Chest, with goodies for papercrafters and a free e-Artella too as the first free offer on that page.

Dover, makers of clipart books, also offer freebies. Each week you get a newsletter with previews of their books, and there's free downloads, in all sorts of categories, from recipes to origami!

Pate'n'roll, another France doing polymer clay things (she does really lovely things, but if I'd said "Another France doing lovely polymer clay things" it would have sounded a bit conceited! :) ) has an amazing list of Polymer Clay links to tutorials, the list is in French, but it links to French and English tutorials. Just go to her Blog and click on the menu on the side which states "Bible des liens vers tutos". While you are there, have a look at her gorgeous little Kosheki dolls tutorials. If you don't have Polymer Clay handy, I'm cure you can improvise... marzipan sounds good!!! :)

Kokeshi Originally uploaded by Pate'n Roll

Julie has some beautiful new stuff, go have a look!

While I'm here, I just realised (to my utter deception *grin*) that Beads Etc is bi-monthly, so the issue in which I will have the priviledge of having my necklace published, is not coming out next month, but, according to my very (un)scientific calculations, it's probably going to be out at the end of June or sometime in July.... it's going to be a long wait, but if my (un)scientific calculations are correct, I think there's also going to be a project by Lisa Henderson/Lily Briar Studios in the same issue.... To be continued.....

Altered Arts Magazine's Altered Tin I submitted might be a few months as well, so I'd better learn some patience... REAL QUICK!!!!!

Off to bake some polymer clay to finish a few items for a swap on Oriental Stamp Art and finish working on the new graphics for the new Krafty Lady Moulds!!! Wait til you see them!!!!!! They are not up yet, but you can see new items by the Design Team if you want to go have a look around!

Again, thanks for taking the time, even if only a few seconds, to stop by my little blog!!!


Dawnie said...

WOW France ,great post with lots of info, links, Just SUPER. Will pop back to follow up.

Thanks for sharing

Me xxx

Natalie B said...

Hi France, when you post, you REALLY do a fantastic post.... thanks for all the links. As always you are generous with your info.


Ev said...

going to have a look at some of those links later. That feedjit looks interesting.

Danielle D said...

Ooh, I love those Kokeshi dolls - so cute. *goes to check out tutorial*

That feedjit gadget is interesting - I need to tweak my layout a bit, so I might see about putting it on.

Anonymous said...

It is great to find a fellow Canuck who loves polymer clay. Thanks for the links... they lead to some pretty cool places! I like that widget too, it's fun to see where everyone is from.

France said...

Thanks Dawn, Natalie, Evelyn, Danielle and Cindy, for stopping by and taking the time to say something -- Feedjit is very interesting... :) Cindy, I'm off to see your site, all of yours actually!!!

Debra Murray said...

Hi France

Nice to see you here, maybe we'll keep in better touch!

Debra Murray

Christina said...

Happy New year France!
Nice to have a read of your blog and will follow up on those links. Thanks for sharing.