Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lost little froggie

This little guy, made by Christen Jo Fraser, went walkabouts at the Sydney Easter Show. It won second place, and I have a feeling it didn't run away by itself, I think he was frogknapped... so if you do know where he is, can you contact me at france @ iinet. net. au (you'll have to copy and paste this and remove the spaces.
Jo wouldn't mind getting him back!!!

I will spare you a long dissertation on how I feel about these walkabouts.... and I'm sure most would agree with me, except those who do such things!


Genevieve said...

Beautiful piece, I do hope the frognapper finds a conscience and it hops on back to its rightful owner.


Zeborah Loray said...

Gorgeous piece. I hope he finds his way home.

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