Monday, April 21, 2008

I've been tagged (again) and I finished my faux ceramic pieces!

I've been tagged by Zeborah Loray
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Here are my 7 random facts about me. They pretty much are still the same things I would say now, except maybe I'd add that I loved Hotel Babylon and had to find a way to watch Season 2 as Aussie TV hasn't put it on yet, and also have had to find a way to get my hands on episodes of CSI Miami cos it's been cancelled everywhere in Australia other than Victoria (where they have a blackout of Underbelly!) - so I guess, I'm addicted to a couple tacky shows ;)

Now, to tag 7 other bloggers:
Can't do that *grin*. If you do want to be tagged however, do let me know and it'll be my pleasure to do so :)

This said, I'm glad Zeb tagged me because I didn't know about her blog, and through her blog I found Annette, Barb, and AfterMidnight's blogs!!!
I've been busy with Faux Ceramics (edited as I'd previously called it Porcelain. Go figure!)!! Finally finished my set of Krafty Lady Christmas Decorations!!! Yay! I'm pretty happy with them, and am finding that I'm getting the hang of the technique now, better than that necklace I made!! But I still like the necklace. :)

Anyway, Santa's eyes leave a bit to be desired, but I was never really good at painting, but overall I'm really excited about the results! If you want to learn about this, see my posts tagged "faux ceramic" (in the list on the right) I did cast these with Sculpey Ultralight, which I find, pound for pound, to be less expensive than regular polymer clay, and I find it works quite well for me for this technique (though I have no idea of long term results!) - they will all go up on Krafty Lady but ... here's a sneak peek of my Christmas set!!

I've made two more pieces, even including some rubber stamping! It'd been a while since I'd gotten out my stamps, it felt really nice, but I also felt like it's taking a while for my muse to be awake... But I had fun, and that's the main thing!
I'm submitting them to a magazine, so if they don't get accepted you'll see them here, or on the Krafty Lady galleries (Design Team's or Main Gallery).
Better get in the laundry before the sun sets, it's been getting cold here lately... all of a sudden Summer is gone and it's Autumn! (though, really, Autumn officially starts here on 1st March!)

Again, thanks for stopping by :) It's really nice to see people from all over the world on my Feedjit map! Even if you stop by only for a brief moment, it's nice to know YOU were here!!


Julie H said...

Oh they really do look ceramic - a bit 70's even! Very nice.

France said...

yeah, they do look slightly tacky :) but I like them anyway !!! hehehe!!!

lacochran's evil twin said...

I'm on the other side of the world and they don't show Hotel Babylon here anymore, either! Poo. :( I need Charlie and Rebecca and Anna and Tony and Ben and...

Anonymous said...

oh I know this was a few months ago, but dare I tell you CSI Miami is on here "oops"
having a good time on your blog Miss F, should of found this a long time ago.!

France said...

Trish! I know! I know!!! And it's a shame as I've seen them all already. Whey they cancelled the series I managed to find a source for the shows, so I was keeping up with the USA!!! It was a really good series too, I'm glad it's back on, but a bit annoyed that it came back after I worked really hard to get that season, but it's OK as I'm sharing with a friend who is not getting them either where she lives. Reminds me, I have to mail a disc to her!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm almost blogging in my own comments! :)