Sunday, April 06, 2008

Quick card for last minute present!

A very quick post today...
Last week was really busy, and the girls had a birthday party on Friday evening, at 4PM, and we got back from school at 3:30 and I kid you not, I didn't have time to wrap the present or make a card (or get them to wrap the present) until 3:31 PM on Friday!!!
Luckily I had some spare $1 a sheet wrapping paper, from places like Red Dot...
Picked one that was nice and cheerful, and cut out a section of the wrapping paper for the handmade card (anyone who has made cards in the past probably feels the same way I do about buying a card, to the point where you almost wished you had because you're running out of time!). So this is what I came up with... stamped Happy Birthday randomly on the background (not even stamped that well, but in that case I figured it didn't matter, I am not one for "imperfect images" usually but sometimes it's got to do!!)... It helps too to have envelopes handy (which I did, I stamped Happy Birthday inside as well, the girls wrote their greeting, and off we went!!! We were the first ones at the party! LOL!)

Also I found out today that Inka from Inkastamps has a blog! And she even has giveaways on her blog. She is one of those "rubber stamping" person that you just can't help but love, she's generous, funny, and also a lot of fun to hang around. SHe used to have a Yahoo!Group, and it was just a hoot... anyway. I had to mention it.

Thanks for the nice comments (they are all friends of mine so far! LOL!) on my previous post!!! It's nice that notes I made (yes, I often will jot things here so I don't forget about them) are interesting to others... I'll try to ramble in that way more often.

I don't have much to show, all my spare time (whatever little I've had) was spent wrapping birthday presents and making cards :) or working on the Oriental Stamp Art swap.... Really, Seriously, Truly... oh, and how can I forget... working hard to update Kristine's Krafty Lady site!!! Of course!!! ;) better go, grocery shopping is calling, yet again!!


Anonymous said...

Hi France,
I've added your blog to my regular bloglines blogroll so I'll be reading regularly!

France said...

Thanks Amanda. I have to find me one of those things, I heard Google Reader is great, just need to find the time to add my blogs to it. Blogarithm is ok too, but that's too long a list to put on my blog, or maybe it's not! Hmmm, gonna have to think about that one!!